The Places Art is Made


One of the most insightful windows into an artists’ work is a peek inside their studio. Once you see the artists’ working space you will view their art with a deeper connection. We are amazed at the different spaces where our western artists create their works and think you will be amazed and inspired!



Not your typical School Bus down by the river.


Imagine working in a Studio that's a converted school bus on the banks of the Gallatin River in Montana, where frequent visitors include black bears, bald eagles, otters, raccoons, foxes, deer and all kinds of Montana wildlife!


Summer evening at the studio on the river.


Jewelry inspired by nature

This jewelry is made out of recycled sterling silver (and karat gold) that has lived a past life with a history of its own. Each piece receives a 'blessing dip' in the river, which runs directly in front of the studio and is one of four Montana rivers where “A River Runs Through It” was filmed. 

"The sacred water washes over each piece. I believe handmade art carries with it the spirit of the place in which it is made and this is my way of sending a sacred piece to you!"



In 1915, Bozeman, Montana boasted 27 grain elevators. This was a testament to farming’s important economic role in the community. 

This art studio is housed in one of these redeveloped buildings. (The Montana National Register Sign Program Historic Montana)

Misco Mill Grain Elevator 


Walking into this grain house gallery and working studio you feel the historic nature of the building. As you wind your way through the small rooms with wooden floors and low ceilings, the studio's contrast of new western art and creative sculptures exposes hidden treasures around every turn.


A Grain House painting as depicted by the artist


The artist in his studio surrounded by possibilities. Creating unique and functional art involves keeping an eye out for and collecting interesting pieces along the way.



The artist playfully riding her sculpture.


She had to overcome the adversity of finding a new space to build this life size custom metal sculpture after her landlord prohibited her from welding on site.


When you enter the door of this industrial space you are greeted by an unordered mess of metal pieces soon to be transformed into a unique artistic creation. Walk further and you will see a contrast of the artists' paintings where there is a true sense of order.

As you pass through to a large room you are greeted by organized chaos. There are tables and containers of organized recycled "junk" and nearby sculptures of a life size bison made from the tiny rusty pieces of hardware and an assembly of glue.



Golden Mabel & Baby Porcupine greet you at the front door.


Tucked in the corner is a calm oasis with a worn couch (where the artist's teenagers hangout) surrounded by paintings of landscapes and crisp horses in comforting blues and golds.

The painting side of the studio


Kirsten Kainz' sculptures can be seen from Big Sky to Kalispell, Missoula and  throughout Montana. 

                        Waldazo the Bison, Big Sky, MT

       Moose, Kalispell, MT

 Bear, Missoula, MT


March 03, 2023 — Julie Iskenderian