I am a third generation hat-maker; my father and grandfather began teaching me how to make hats when I was twelve years old. When I first learned how to make hats I was not particularly passionate about the craft, but all that changed when I saw "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Clint Eastwood. I still remember the feeling of electricity running through my body when I saw those western hats - dirty and worn, powerful and timeless. It was a style of hat I had never seen before.


Tell whatever tall tale you like when you're wearing this incredible creation by renowned hat maker Alberto Hernandez. Others are sure to take notice of the hand tooled leather and silk hatband with exceptional jeweled accents that adorn this custom design. Don't miss out on this bad boy!


This custom Fawn Distressed Beaver hat, designed and made by renowned hat maker Alberto Hernandez. Silk, silver and turquoise accents make this a truly class act cowboy hat that you'll cherish forever.


Montana women know that dressing right is key.

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