Maggie Shane

Allowing her inner artist permission to create new and exciting work, while continuously pushing the envelope of comfort level and style.

On a journey to find the inner artist.

The majesty of nature draws me to the outdoors. The ocean or mountains have always been my refuge. Reliving those times through the process of creating art brings those memories and feelings back to the present. By sharing this art, perhaps it creates that same feeling of serenity for others.


Majestic cliffs rise above the hiking trails in the Dolomites.
Always a surprise to travel around the switchback of a new
trail and find a beautiful vista framed by the brilliant fall

Aspen Study 3

Golden autumn leaves dance in the wind before their final
departure to earth.

Reaching High

The High Sierras have amazing rock formation that emerge when you least expect it. I thought I was there only to hike, but the most powerful view instantly ended my travels. The need to stop and capture the vista was overwhelming. The sketches developed into a painting as big as the scene. While it can't truly capture the moment the feeling can be shared.
Reaching High is two pieces ( 7 feet by 3 feet) hung one inch apart.

A truly amazing piece for that hard to fill tall space.