Paul Brourman

Working mainly in the medium of oils, Brourman’s subjects include portraiture, landscapes, western subjects related to Montana’s rich history.

As an avid fly fisherman and artist, it was only a matter of time until his two passions merged into one.

The Patriot

From Paul's Dry Fly Series in Oil.

The Patriot Dry Fly is styled to be easy to see on the water, this one is easy to see on your wall.

The Stimulator

The Stimulator in an attractor dry fly, and perhaps Paul's version is the most attractive. Every angler should have an assortment in their fly box and on their wall.

A Lifelong Passion

Born in Boise, Idaho as the son of a symphony conductor and a concert pianist (father and mother, respectively), Paul Brourman opted for the visual arts instead. At the young age of fifteen, Brourman began attending figurative painting courses at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

For 21 years (1994-2015), Brourman worked from his Bucktown home studio. Today, he toggles between his home studios in both Evanston, IL and Big Sky, Montana, and shows across all three cities.


24"x24" Oil on Canvas

Paul Brourman's
Palette Knife and Process