Montana #3 Bison Skull Mount


This hand carved bison skull features some of Montana's beautiful wildflowers. The artist's love for the state and what its people represent are his inspiration. 

1. Bitterroot- the State Flower, grows throughout Montana and was documented as far back as the Lewis and Clark expeditions. It's name comes from it's bitter taste.
2. Mountain Poppy- After battles and fires in the plains, and lands were destroyed, the mountain poppy grew freely adding color and new life to a decimated area.
3. Clematis- A voracious climber, the Clematis grows throughout the mountains and fields of Montana. 
4. Montana Wild Rose- in the deepest mountains and forests of Montana, you will find a treat of wild roses along the trails and just off the path.
*Montana is always thought of as a rugged landscape, and like its inhabitants, its fields of flowers are most beautiful and grow in some very harsh environments.  
The Great state of Montana became a State in November of 1889. It just celebrated its 133rd Birthday.