Jenny Keller

"Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul." - John Muir

Always one of a kind

Everything that I create for is with two thoughts in mind: It must be crafted primarily by hand, making each piece unique & it should reflect a love of place. In doing so, it is my intent to create bespoke leather goods that serve both as functional works of artandare endowed with a spirit that sparks a memory or connection to the beauty of the world around us.


Mountain Range Lumbar Pillow

Tan fine calf hair hide is hand sewn in the shape of the iconic Camelback Mountain range or Lone Peak in Big Sky, MT.

Set on a white cow hide leather, each pillow exudes luxury. Hand sewn and unique, no two will be the same.

The pillow backs are a linen/cotton blend with a hidden zipper.

Pillow insert is a 10/90 White goose down/feather blend.

Spearfish Canyon Brown Trout Bench

Every year I drive with my Mom, now 85, from Indiana where I grew up, to Bozeman, Montana.  Our lodge there rested on the crystal clear creek that runs the length of the canyon.  It was there that I found my muse: a beautifully spotted brown trout feeding along the sandy bottom. 

This bench represents a special memory that I shared with my mother, and one that intends to convey the simple beauty of a place that is teaming with life and is known to draw a lasting connection to all who visit.