Spearfish Canyon Brown Trout Bench

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18” wide by 42” long x 20” high

Materials: Natural Vegetable tanned Leather, Leather Dyes and Acrylic Paint.

The leather is protected with Resolene, a leather sealant, which adds water-resistance and some UV protection to the surface.
Bench legs: Steel with a clear coat.

Every year I drive with my Mom, now 85, from Indiana where I grew up, to Bozeman, Montana.  Our lodge there rested on the crystal clear creek that runs the length of the canyon.  It was there that I found my muse: a beautifully spotted brown trout feeding along the sandy bottom. 

This bench represents a special memory that I shared with my mother, and one that intends to convey the simple beauty of a place that is teaming with life and is known to draw a lasting connection to all who visit.  

Shipping: This will come in two packages. The legs will be removed and shipped separately. Minor assembly required. The legs have 4 screws each - in pre-drilled holes.