"Over the history of my woodworking efforts I learned that I was able to follow plans and build just about anything I wanted to build". - John Felten

Looking for Nectar

Curly maple with American walnut accents.  The marquetry images are both natural and dyed veneers. Inside door “thatch” is made from over 1500 individually hand cut and placed curly maple and walnut cut veneers. Inside solid curly maple adjustable shelf.  Rare earth magnets are installed to secure door closed and Brusso #CB-302 full swing solid brass hinges. 

Finish is 6 coats of satin lacquer and a final coat of hand rubbed Renaissance paste wax.

As a side note, I was pleased to have this piece as a part of the August 2020 “Gallery” portion in Fine Woodworking Magazine,  issue #283.