Joseph Hickey

Montana Bison #3

This hand carved bison skull features some of Montana's beautiful wildflowers. The artist's love for the state and what its people represent are his inspiration. 


This Bison skull is hand carved in the pattern of a Navajo blanket and painted with acrylics in Navajo colors and a saddle leather stain. Horns are a natural finish. A bright and colorful accent piece.

Joe Hickey uses various techniques and materials to create unique pieces of art.

Honoring the Bison

Over the years, I have collected a number of animal skulls. I was never sure what I would do with them. In 2011, I tried my brushes on an old cow skull I had. The rest is history. I enjoy working with various recovered or repurposed skulls. Most of my work has been with Bison skulls but I have done work on elk, cow, ram, bear and coyote, deer and horse. I have also made a number of tomahawks using elk jawbone and leg bone. I try to make each skull unique by using various types of paints, leather, stones and metals. I hope you enjoy my work.


Celtic God of Masculinity    28"x26"x10"

This hand carved Bison Skull is finished with a dark glaze. The center design is the symbol for the Chief of Tuatha de Danaan, Dagda, the foremost ancestral god of life and death. He is also the Irish god of fertility. The horns are natural and trimmed with coyote fur.