Alligator Purse - Ceramic Sculpture


This unique ceramic alligator purse will be a standout in any space - an original piece of Montana art and ceramic sculpture. All is not as it appears with Coco Costigan's hyper-realism sculptures.

Here she recreates a vintage purse in stunning detail.

*Vitrine clear display case is available to purchase upon request.

"Much of my inspiration comes from heirlooms, artifacts, andvintage goods, many of these treasures were unearthed from my Pops garage. 
I recreate relics out of clay to share a story from my past or that of my family A by-gone era that people can relate to and reflect, in hopes to invoke an emotion or spark a memory held dormant by time in my audience. I’m also hopeful that we will get back to a time when things were built to last."

10.5" x 11 x 4.5"