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"The Best Damn Knives on the Planet" - made in Montana.

Every knife is individually made and each blade is ground by hand. Surpassing the limitations of machine ground knives in both form and function. The initial bevels- the transition of the blade from the spine to the blade edge- is much thinner than machine ground knives. Resulting in a better cutting knife.

Inverted Blade Heel- Allows the user to be more closely connected with the food they are preparing. Bringing the chef’s hand over the blade edge!

G10 Handle- The material is a high-pressure epoxy and woven fiberglass laminate commonly used in aerospace… EXTREMELY STRONG HANDLE!

Cryogenically Heat-Treated Blade- This high carbon stainless steel has an HRC (Rockwell hardness) of 62, meaning that our blades hold an incredible edge without the worry of your blade rusting. Our blades are dipped in liquid nitrogen after heat treatment in order to attain the optimum molecular structure for edge retention and hardness. 440c knives typically are heat-treated to 56, this measure allows us to hit 62- EXTREMELY HARD STEEL!

Handmade Leather Sheath -   To cover and protect your blade. All knives come with a handmade leather sheath .

These knives are backed by a lifetime warranty and lifetime sharpening. If anything ever happens to your Cudaway knife, send it back to us and we will fix, repair, and refurbish your knife free of charge. Knives need to be sharpened professionally from time to time, and for that reason we will professionally sharpen your knife free of charge. And If for some reason you need to return your knife, send it back within 30 days unused and we will fully refund your purchase. These knives are meant to last for generations.

Knives are individually sold in 3 sizes and the choice of 6 colors.

Sanrok 4"

In need of a smaller nimble blade? The 4” Sanrok is the perfect charcuterie presentation tool in the front of the house and a chef’s best friend for the intricate cuts in the back of the house.

Sanrok 5.5"

We designed this blade and rocker profile to handle almost any kitchen mission. From breaking down larger cuts of meats to salad preparation, the 5.5” blade edge opens the appetizer, entree, and desert doors. This is the culinary utilitarian’s utility knife. 

Sanrok 7”

Designed with an inverted heel, this piece of culinary art more closely connects the creator to the creation process by positioning the chef’s hand closer to the job at hand. The inverted heel also acts as a safety guard, better protecting the cutting hand from slipping into the blade edge. A true example of form meeting function. 

Delivery Policy
Knife blocks will be shipped out of our shop within 14 days (1-3 days estimated)