Montana River Series - Madison River - Montana Art


Explore the wonders of the Montana River Series - the Madison River! This fast, cold river provides its visitors with a plethora of recreational opportunities - fly fishing, rafting, canoeing and inner tubing. This perfect habitat for trout ensures a delightful and exciting experience! Journey through beautiful canyons and valleys formed by the Missoula floods and uncover breathtaking views from thousands of years ago.

The Madison is a headwater tributary of the Missouri River, approximately 183 miles (295 km) long, in Wyoming and Montana through Yellowstone National Park.

30" x 40" Original Painting, unframed

Allison McGree is a contemporary western artist, specializing in both Acrylic and Oil Painting as well as Sculpted-Relief.  Her style is Expressionistic, often focused on the emotional response the artist has toward the world.  She finds inspiration in open and wild spaces.  Nature is her greatest teacher, though her studies have also influenced her work.