Stone Flow

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Stone Flow is 8"x10".
Crafted with elegant design and detail, Stone Flow is sure to provide an exquisite and stylish touch to any room. This piece of art is made in Montana and inspired by the Yellowstone ecosystem. This mosaic is entirely hand made by the artist with attention detail and hours of time.
The creation of a mosaic takes time, entirely made by hand by the artist, it is not a mechanized, assembly line process. All of the materials are entirely hand cut and then set in place to create a one of a kind piece of art that is uniquely yours, and yours alone. 
Materials are an authentic Green River fossil/Lake fossil, Biancone marble, Italian smalti. 

*The harsh yet beautiful landscape of the Montana Rockies with its' native wildlife and plants has existed for centuries and will continue to exist beyond our lifetimes. It's this environment that is the inspiration in my art. My mosaics wall pieces and sculptures, made with a mix of local stone, flint, Italian smalti, glass and ceramics, capture a moment in time, and will last far into the future.