The Hedy Lamarr Wool Duster Coat - Women's Western Clothing


The "Hedy Lamarr" is a Montana made duster coat to add to your western apparel. It is light, casual, soft & flowy for cold days. Wear it casually open over jeans or leggings or tie with strap when it gets chilly.

Extra fabric around the neck and ears give extra warmth and wind protection and adds to the cuddle factor. Pull the fabric up and wear it as a hoodie.

"The Hedy Lamarr" coat is handmade Montana clothing. Finished with serger stitches and has no lining, which makes it lighter in weight and gives it a casual, cool look.

Handmade clothing from Hamilton, MT.

One person once said to me, its like wearing a blanket -- speaking of - it is the perfect travel companion on the train, car and plane, because it serves as a wrinkle-free blanket.