Triple Classic Fish Metal Art Sculpture


This handmade Triple Classic Fish Sculpture is crafted with intricate detail, the perfect combination of classic design and modern style and made by a Montana sculpture artist. This beautiful metal sculpture of fish schooling together will bring endless joy, memories and tales from your own fisherman.

The triple Classic Fish Sculpture is approximately 19" long, by 10" tall, by 8" deep.

It is handmade from mild steel and finished with a custom patina and gloss clear coat. 

The coloration will be close to what you see in the example photo, but no two sculptures are exactly the same.

The base is a natural stone and also sealed with a gloss clear coat. Each base is unique and may vary slightly in size and shape from the sculptures shown.

Each sculpture is made by hand and has variations in patina and base, your sculpture is one of a kind and made just for you!